Thursday, March 19, 2015

A visit to the dentist

Brave hearts,
  One evening after came back from school, my girl came up to me with a panic face. I saw crystals in her eyes when I asked her whats going on. She was trying to be brave and hold her tears when she told me that her tooth wigles. Hahaha.. it tickles may heart to see her like that.. I like to show her a panic face and ask.. why?!. ( over exagerating the concern looks) hihihi.. asked her either she fell or bing punched by a friend. She answered none to both. (well that is a relieve). I just told her that she is growing up and the tooth is too small for her already.. it is ready to give ways to the new tooth coming on its way. Hahaha.. how adorable..
A couple of days later I took both of my children to see the dentist cause she kept winning everyday to see the dentist to get her teeth fixed.. (beside she wants to claim the gift she will get from the dentist as usual) pfft.. *rolling eyes.

The q is only two numbers ahead but the wait.. urgh.. 

Luckily they have a tiny section for kids to play with.. but that doesn't really hold the children for long. Huhuhu..

While killing the time.. we all had some weeeeefiieee!!!
<3 <3 <3

The wigly tooth is off!! now the new teeth can grow up strong and healthy!!!

Bee Mulan

 The richness of honey is anciently acknowledged. Drenched yourselves in the sweetness of honey goodness to preserve the beauty that is from inside and outside. Who can do it better than Bee Mulan!!! The rich and pure honey is what we can offer, nothing less... #BeeMulan #beauty #beautysupply #health #remedies #honey

 Wow.. the time I met this honey I discovered the sting that prooves the pureness of the bee pollen.. Kelulut bee what they call it. The taste are strong, none does it taste like sugar at all. The only thing that crosses my mind when I tasted it is.. wow.. this is pure ... I'm sure I could enjoy the goodness of its benefit straight away.. warm in my chess and tingling of its active ingredience. 

 The first time I encounter with this Bee Mulan honey range is at the Hot Air Balloon Carnival here at Putrajaya. They even display their army of bees with a partial of its hive next to their booth.. yerp.. scare the 'bee' out of me.. hihi... its eery to see them playing with the bees and claim it to be friendly.. hmmm.. good good... but keep it away from me..just let me enjoy the honey and the pollen is good enough.. Thanks to their best efford and have a nice day.. 


 They even got themselves a couple type of soap made out of the honey itselves. Now that, I'm not sure of how it is made.. all I can say is, it made easy for one to enjoy the benefits through the skin with it. Tried the soap, and yes I love it. Keeps my tiny rashes out of my skin.. the skin feels fresh and soft after each use. Because I love the soap so much.. I decided to knit them a soap saver

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Air Balloon

Every year,

  We love to go to such fair.. looking at the gigantic parachut ball filled with hot air really amazed us whole family..hihihi. Ok fine, I love to see the looks on our childrens face..hahaha.. even though the father excite more than anyone else.. the balloon, the carnival, the market and stuff they sell there.. its really exciting. We found so many amazing thing they got it selling there.

Ice cream in a flower pot. It sound so silly to me, but it is the 'in' kindda things now. And guess what?! I fell for it to!! hahaha.. the taste is nice with a combination of ice cream of course, the rice crips, the colourful chockolate candies, the oreo cookie crumbles, love letters and a big red strawberry.Mmmm... nyum nyum nyum.. just look at the big grin on abi's face..

Next, we've found the little eternity tiny flower..
It's the sweetest thing that the Japanese technology had created for a flowery hearts like me and my deary.. ^_^
We love it soo much!! and they have it in keychains!! Can you believe it?! I know.. ~_~

One more a must have activities when it comes to this event. Bubbles!!!!
My girl really love bubbles.. *even I love bubbles. ^_^. perhaps every bubbly people like us really loves bubbles.. hahaha.. it really does make our hearts bloom. <3 <3 <3

Ok.. there's still one more thing to tell about what happened in the event. This chapter I'll need to make another post telling the whole story only about it. That's coz I really love it and I even want to share it with every single person who knows me.. so stay tune okay and in the meantime....

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sparkly clean

Sweet relief,

After all the battle that has been going on for a couple of weeks, most of the tiny cockroaches has been terminated. Mission is almost complete. The kitchen is nice and clean. I feel soo motivated to do my cooking now. Whenever I got my chance and escape from my sweet little hero.
  We are really happy with our accomplishment, we've tried a few method that we think best. We've used hot boilt water, salt water, lemongrass concentrated, Ridsect, Baygone cockroaches repellent and they all does it wonders.
   Among all this, Baygone is at the top of the list for us. I believe the cockroaches really hates them. It took a few days after spraying it at every corner of the kitchen for the cockroaches to come back. That makes us really happy for now.

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Married to a predator..


  It's been a while that we have to deal with this tiny cockroaches in our kitchen. Came from outside, they have introduce themselves since we first moved into the house. By then they don't look that threatening at all.

  A dear friend did warn me about the pain in the ass this creature could create. But I was soo lazy to even take note about it. She told me to close the hole under the front door to prevent them from coming in. I don't even bother to scrap a cloth to stuff it in. So, Pn. No'a.. I sudah kena.. hahaha.. padan muka I.

  This creature really sneaks in and goes into the kitchen cupboard and make themselves really comfortable in our clean pot and warm stove. Sigh.. sure do they really, seriously invade our kitchen.

   Finally, we are all running out of patience. My husband did all the demolition activities at first. He throws everything out from the kitchen cabinets and emptied every single racks at the bottom kitchen.. He races every cockroaches with a hot boilt water in his hand.. hihihi.. I know its so cruel.. but we have been taken over by fear.. huhuhu.. I can no longer cook in peace. So this must go on.. My hubby suddenly looks like a predator..* should've took his picture at that moment.. hahaha <3<3<3

   After emptying the cabinets, he wiped every surface with lemongrass concentrated. A dear close friend Sarah Iskhak even lend me her Baygone cockroaches repellent.. hahhaha. (Thanks a million darling). And then we left everything just like that for a few days..

   While starting to organize back the kitchen I almost forgot to snap some photo to share it here in my blog. Love to show the messy kitchen during the emptying process. Hihihi..

  Alright later Ill show you the organizing process in my next blog. ^_^

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Blog baru..


 Hey dollz!! memuler biar Che'Ra bagitahu bahawa yang ni bukan blog Pertama Che'Ra. Che'Ra ada beberapa blog yang berlainan sifatnyer. Hehehe.. Semua bergantung pada jiwa Che'Ra pada ketika itu hew hew hew.. sebab Che'Ra perasan dalam hidup Che'Ra ni ada chapter macam buku novel tu. Di setiap chapter pulak, Che'Ra umpama orang yang berbeza.. seram kan? tapi itulah yang Che'Ra rasa.. Cuma dalam banyak banyak chapter tu hanya ada satu jer persamaan yang menunjukkan ia adalah orang yang sama iaitu ketigasukuannya dalam menyampaikan kisah.. tak kiralah apa pon kisahnyer.. hahaha.. sungguh Che'Ra tak reti nak luahkan perasaan dengan cara sedu sedan.. kalau dengan cara sedu sedak tu mungkin.. pastu semput. hahaha.

 Oklah.. this is good enough for the beginning of a new blog. Harap boleh istiqamah.. semoga blog Che'Ra ni menjadi salah satu kerja ibadah untuk Che'Ra, sungguh Allah tu maha pengasih dan maha kaya.

 Ops.. sebelum terlupa kalaulah baca blog Che'Ra ni mungkin kengkadang tulis bahasa Melayu, kengkadang bahasa Inggeris Che'Ra nak mintak maaf awal awal lah yer. Sebab Che'Ra mengaku Che'Ra memang menghadapi masalah language disorder.. ni semua sebab orang tua tua masa Che'Ra kecik kecik dulu tak leh nak decide nak suh Che'Ra belajar bahasa apa.. habis semua bahasa Che'Ra kena belajar. Pastu semua orang faham semua bahasa. Oleh sebab itulah Che'Ra bermasaalah dalam memilih bahasa perantaraan bila bercakap. So jangan salah faham bukan tak sayang bahasa melayu, tapi melayu pon pandai cakap pelbagai bahasa. Jangan pandang enteng pada melayu yer, most of them are multilingual.. hehehe.. (tapi bahasa kantonis Che'Ra agak rusty sebab tak ada geng nak practis sekarang. Bahasa Mandarin still working on it sebab Che'Ra masalah sikit dalam mengenal pasti ada berapa patah perkataan dalam satu satu ayat yang digunakan.. huhuhu) Tapi jangan salah faham tau, walaupon Che'Ra menggunakan pelbagai bahasa tak bererti Che'Ra terrer sangat dengan semua bahasa bahasa tersebut. Tapi cukup untuk membuatkan orang-orang tertentu faham dan yang lain wallahualam... ahaks.

  Oklah.. cukup cukup.. Che'Ra ni tengah excited ni pasal blog ni.. Macam banyak pulak yang Che'Ra nak kongsikan tapi tak apa… Nanti Che'Ra buat karangan leklok biar lagi tenang orang yang membacanya okeyh.. apa apa pon spread the love to the world ya!! Semoga bertemu dengan Sang Pencinta sejati.

  Muax3. ... XOXOXO