Thursday, March 19, 2015

A visit to the dentist

Brave hearts,
  One evening after came back from school, my girl came up to me with a panic face. I saw crystals in her eyes when I asked her whats going on. She was trying to be brave and hold her tears when she told me that her tooth wigles. Hahaha.. it tickles may heart to see her like that.. I like to show her a panic face and ask.. why?!. ( over exagerating the concern looks) hihihi.. asked her either she fell or bing punched by a friend. She answered none to both. (well that is a relieve). I just told her that she is growing up and the tooth is too small for her already.. it is ready to give ways to the new tooth coming on its way. Hahaha.. how adorable..
A couple of days later I took both of my children to see the dentist cause she kept winning everyday to see the dentist to get her teeth fixed.. (beside she wants to claim the gift she will get from the dentist as usual) pfft.. *rolling eyes.

The q is only two numbers ahead but the wait.. urgh.. 

Luckily they have a tiny section for kids to play with.. but that doesn't really hold the children for long. Huhuhu..

While killing the time.. we all had some weeeeefiieee!!!
<3 <3 <3

The wigly tooth is off!! now the new teeth can grow up strong and healthy!!!

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