Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bee Mulan

 The richness of honey is anciently acknowledged. Drenched yourselves in the sweetness of honey goodness to preserve the beauty that is from inside and outside. Who can do it better than Bee Mulan!!! The rich and pure honey is what we can offer, nothing less... #BeeMulan #beauty #beautysupply #health #remedies #honey

 Wow.. the time I met this honey I discovered the sting that prooves the pureness of the bee pollen.. Kelulut bee what they call it. The taste are strong, none does it taste like sugar at all. The only thing that crosses my mind when I tasted it is.. wow.. this is pure ... I'm sure I could enjoy the goodness of its benefit straight away.. warm in my chess and tingling of its active ingredience. 

 The first time I encounter with this Bee Mulan honey range is at the Hot Air Balloon Carnival here at Putrajaya. They even display their army of bees with a partial of its hive next to their booth.. yerp.. scare the 'bee' out of me.. hihi... its eery to see them playing with the bees and claim it to be friendly.. hmmm.. good good... but keep it away from me..just let me enjoy the honey and the pollen is good enough.. Thanks to their best efford and have a nice day.. 


 They even got themselves a couple type of soap made out of the honey itselves. Now that, I'm not sure of how it is made.. all I can say is, it made easy for one to enjoy the benefits through the skin with it. Tried the soap, and yes I love it. Keeps my tiny rashes out of my skin.. the skin feels fresh and soft after each use. Because I love the soap so much.. I decided to knit them a soap saver

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