Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Air Balloon

Every year,

  We love to go to such fair.. looking at the gigantic parachut ball filled with hot air really amazed us whole family..hihihi. Ok fine, I love to see the looks on our childrens face..hahaha.. even though the father excite more than anyone else.. the balloon, the carnival, the market and stuff they sell there.. its really exciting. We found so many amazing thing they got it selling there.

Ice cream in a flower pot. It sound so silly to me, but it is the 'in' kindda things now. And guess what?! I fell for it to!! hahaha.. the taste is nice with a combination of ice cream of course, the rice crips, the colourful chockolate candies, the oreo cookie crumbles, love letters and a big red strawberry.Mmmm... nyum nyum nyum.. just look at the big grin on abi's face..

Next, we've found the little eternity tiny flower..
It's the sweetest thing that the Japanese technology had created for a flowery hearts like me and my deary.. ^_^
We love it soo much!! and they have it in keychains!! Can you believe it?! I know.. ~_~

One more a must have activities when it comes to this event. Bubbles!!!!
My girl really love bubbles.. *even I love bubbles. ^_^. perhaps every bubbly people like us really loves bubbles.. hahaha.. it really does make our hearts bloom. <3 <3 <3

Ok.. there's still one more thing to tell about what happened in the event. This chapter I'll need to make another post telling the whole story only about it. That's coz I really love it and I even want to share it with every single person who knows me.. so stay tune okay and in the meantime....

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